My work blurs the distinction between human and animal. I explore this boundary through the visual domain of dreamscapes. The term ‘dream’ for me, umbrellas all domains of our mind space, including those of fantasy and imagination; dreams are the world in which we live our ‘other’ lives; the lives of our psyche.

Through the visual mutability of human and animal, my work attacks the fabric of the definition of ‘human’; I strive to redefine the human from something ‘other’, something ‘superior’, to another mammal living and surviving on a shared planet.

I use art as a means of evoking imagined and dreamed spaces and bodies, with the capacity for fluid and dynamic metamorphosis. In the loudness of everyday life, we forget the truth of our animal status; by grafting and interchanging human and animal, my work acts as a reminder that humans are no more than a ubiquitous mammal.